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Seminar in Saaremaa, Salma

Seminar / master class on the manufacture and construction of the dome-shaped Leonardo da Vinci in Saaremaa, Salma (Estonia) 06/21/2017-06/23/2017

Seminar in Saaremaa, Salma for the manufacture and erection of domed forms
Our partners are the Estonian company «STALBER GREENLIGHT SOLUTION OÜ», the English «COSMOGRAPHICUM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD» and Mexican Hammock Party represent!

Seminar / master class on the manufacture and construction of the dome-shaped Leonardo da Vinci!
Location - Estonia, ostrov Saaremaa, Mändjala, Salme
Date of carrying out - June 21, 2017-23.06 2017

We are inviting everybody who is interested in participating in the workshop to construct and erect Mexican Hammock Party sun-dome. The 12m diameter dome will be erected in the Salme rannapark territory.

Leonardo da Vinci dome-form symbolizes holy geometry as well as life and creativity and has the characteristics of high-efficiency, functionality and economical. It is a universal structure that invokes intuitive thinking about the history of mankind.

Da Vinci’s notes and drawings, such as lists of shops and people who owed him as well as concepts for wings and water-walking shoes, encapsulate his broad breadth of his interests.

More interestingly, Da Vinci’s sketches include mysterious drawings of astronomical sketches, painting compositions, technical drawings of building details, faces and emotions, animals, children, autopsy, plants, rock formations, whirlpools, war-machines, helicopters, and architecture.  

The Same rannapark project will be made in collaboration with the input from Italian non-profit, Clorofilla Numana, artist decorator Ilaria Rinaldi as well as 3D-expert architect Biagio Di Carlo.

At the end of the workshop, all participants will receive a certificate of achievement and participation in the workshop to construct a Leonardo Da Vinci dome-formation. The participants will also get Leonardo Da Vinci dome-formation blueprints and technical drawings with exact measurements that allow anyone to build 3-10m diameter dome at their home environment.

We have also invited Helen Alles to teach the Yoga Vidya practice and yoga techniques through which all the participants can accumulate well-being, emotional balance, peace, and happiness. After the construction of the dome, we will also roast and grill locally sourced lamb, prepare Mexican style Tacos.

During the sunset, we will demonstrate various mythological Incan sun god Manco rituals and enjoy the “Saaremaa isetegevuslaste” performance. From thereon we will transition to Mexican Hammock-Party and midsummer festival celebrations. Participants can curb their thirst with local juices, craft-beer as well as cinnamon-coffee and juniper-flavored tea.

We will also make available delicious home-made snacks infused with ancient flavors of the foods of Incan civilization that get its unique flavor from smoked and sun-dried Mexican chili peppers along with various healthy seeds. All our followers and fans are also welcome to bring their own snacks and treats to share. Accommodation and camping arrangements can be made either at the Salme rannapark territory or by the seashore nearby. Alternatively, for more adventurous people is also possible to spend the night in comfy Mexican and Mayan style hammocks.  

We expect a lot of people in great spirits to join us to enjoy the summer weather, pleasant people, good friends and festive atmosphere — this is our plan for success. Many thanks to all the participants, contributors and supporters. 

«Mexican Hammock Party»

Event Video


Our Team:

Salme county: Kalmer Poopuu (Saaremaa, Estonia)
Salme kultuur: Maire Sillavee (Saaremaa, Estonia)
Chief Visionary: Steven Alber (Mexico)
I Land Sound 2017: Paap Uspenski (Orissaare, Estonia)
EU coordinator: Küllikke Naadel (United Kingdom)
International Information: Merle Koppel (Australia)
Dome Engineering: Maxim Savchenko (Belarus)
Vitamin-Z: Pestyshev Anton (Russia)
Therapeutic Domes: Alexey Efimov (Montenegro)
Baltic Dome Consulting: Olegas Knezyz (Lithuania)
Yoga: Helen Allese (Saaremaa, Estonia)
Lighting and Sound: Margus Lepik (Saaremaa, Estonia)
Salme creative lead: Mariliis Lazarev (Saaremaa, Estonia)
Coordinator: Stalber Greenlight Solutions OÜ (Estonia)
Food & Catering: Kaidar Kivistik (Muhu, Estonia)

Indrek Kolpakv (Estonia)
Jaanika Jõgi (Saaremaa, Estonia)

Sacred Architecture: Hiroshi Murata (Japan)
Eidolonic Domes: Ladomir Soroka (Ukraine)
Projections: Associazione Clorofilla Numana (Italy) 
Architect: Biagio Di Carlo (Italy)
Art & Composition: Ilaria Rinaldi (Italy)
Clorofilla Project Manager: Marco Green (Italy) 





stevenalber.mex (Steven Alber)

General Information: 

+372 53412368

We are on Facebook


Entry Fee: 35 EUR (per person) / 55 EUR (family) / Children under 12 years free


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